High Street North, East Ham, London, UK

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Monday to Friday: 9AM - 6PM
Weekend: 10AM - 5PM

About us

Design Studio

Welcome to House of Shen, a London based design and manufacturer of stylish and exclusive accessories. We design and supply a quality range of high-end products, which include all kinds of handbags, stationary, art & handicrafts  and gifts. With emphasis on luxurious design, we aim to please customers with discerning taste.

Our range of products is extensive and increasing all the time, we invite you to look at our range on  We look forward to forming relationships with quality retailers in the high street and online.

Our excellent customer service ensures satisfaction from the point of order through to successful delivery. As a full member of AIS (Associated Independent Stores) we meet their high standards, and we can meet yours. We are pleased to invite you to visit us.

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Our Core Values

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To be original and unique!

When we talk about designing something, we want it to be original and unique. It should be a breath of fresh air and stand out from everything else that’s being produced. An original and imaginative design means that it’s not just another copy of something that already exists. It’s the result of innovative thinking, being creative and pushing beyond the boundaries of what has been seen before.

Our Amazing Design

We are passionate about design

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Amazing Design

Impressive design! Thoughtful effort and attention to detail are evident. The combination of colors, textures, and shapes are eye-catching. Keep up the great work!

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Focus on Details

By focusing on details, we identify potential errors and areas for improvement, leading to better results. Being detail-oriented in all activities, big or small, leads to excellence and success.

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More Choices

We’re dedicated to continuous improvement and creating innovative products based on market trends. Continuously provide customers with better product choices.

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New Collection


We use sculptural creation methods to shape our products

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