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Minilamist Cowhide Tote

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Our high quality leather bag has a fashion minimalist style and very practical. It has metal handle and leather shoulder strap, it is very moderate in size, lightweight and can provide enough storage space for your necessities. It is a perfect match in formal office and leisure space.


High quality full grain leather, Natural vegetable tanning,Handmade dyeing and production

 Other information

。Material:High quality leather

Handle/Rivets: Metal alloy with brass plated surface

。Colour:Yellow/Dark Brown/ Wine/ Green/ Black

。Bag Size:13"x9.3"x5"(W x H x L)

Handle tall 2",shoulder straps width 1", length50"

。Large Fits up to 9.7" ipad,  6" Kindle

It can put down a small water bottle, your smartphone, wallets and sunglasses.

Interior pocket: canvas, zipper closed, inside 1 sidekick ,1 zipper layer, 

Outer leather bag magnet closed and has no lining. Interior pocket and outer bag connected by fastener, Interior pocket can be removed.



 The leather material adopts the Natural vegetable tanning, when the first use, meets the water or the friction leather surface, will have the slight discoloration phenomenon, the suggestion starts to use avoids the light color clothing.

 Because of the cortical characteristics of the leather, there are differences in cortical color absorption, and there will be slight color difference in the same bag after water staining.

 Natural leather, showing natural color, the skin may see growth lines and skin scars, this is the characteristics of natural leather and everything is unique, it is not quality problems.

 Leather can not be washed, nursing with colorless care oil dry cloth wipe, ventilation dry, don't put it in the sun for a long time, that will make the bag deformation.



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9.8" X 10.6" X 3.9"

Care Instructions


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