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"MUDU 木读 " Bluetooth Wooden Speaker

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The Mudu speakers by House of Shen, is a stacked Bluetooth speaker that has a unique, interactive design. This designer speaker can alter its shape vertically and horizontally to perfectly suit the aesthetic of your room. Crafted from a fine selection of luxurious woods including African rosewood, birch, wenge and sapele, this system boasts of first class sound quality as well. It perfectly serves both its purpose of being a stylish, contemporary décor and music system. These durable, compact speakers are portable too and can be easily packed in your backpack.


Materials: African Rosewood / Birch / Wenge / Sapele
Colour: Burlywood/ Multi/ Natural
Size: 235 x 138 x 25 mm
Power Outage: 10 WATTS



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9.8" X 10.6" X 3.9"

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In Nanjing, China, ‘Yunjin 云锦’ is an exquisite kind of silk brocade. Yunjin is named after Rosy clouds, which depicts a beautiful scene as the Sun sets. The ‘Ming 明’ and ‘Qing 清’ dynasties were all royal attributes, as this special print was once made only for Royals...