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Wrinkled Sheepskin Tote Bag

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This is a simple square-shaped bag, with the soft sheepskin processed as vertical and irregular hand-made wrinkles, as if a wrinkled paper is unfolded again, light and changeable, saturated with captivating wrinkled charm and oriental style. Its interior is equipped with a black inner bag, and the shoulder strap is rubber round rope with adjustable length at will.



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9.8" X 10.6" X 3.9"

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In Nanjing, China, ‘Yunjin 云锦’ is an exquisite kind of silk brocade. Yunjin is named after Rosy clouds, which depicts a beautiful scene as the Sun sets. The ‘Ming 明’ and ‘Qing 清’ dynasties were all royal attributes, as this special print was once made only for Royals...