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1. How to buy our products?

We serve our business customers on this website. Only after you subscribe and become our member, you can buy our products and enjoy low prices and member discounts.


2. How to subscribe and become a member?

Please fill in the form on the page, and Subscribe to us. After our review, Congratulations! You have become our valued member.


3. Purchase products directly through our website.

You need to put the selected products into the shopping cart, and the postage will be automatically generated according to the amount you have purchased. If you have no objection to the payment, you just need to click “Buy now”. You can also send order to Payment will be made after confirming with us. We will prepare the goods for you three days after receiving the payment and deliver them within 15 working days.


As your products are prepared especially for your order, payment of 50% of the invoice value is due on receipt of this invoice, this ensures your products will be produced and prepared for shipment in a timely manner. The remaining 50% of the invoice value will be requested when your order is ready for delivery. Once the full balance has been received, we will deliver your specified products.
Your order will not be shipped unless the full invoice is paid in advance. We hope you understand that producing these quality items is expensive and we require your understanding regarding our payment terms. If you pay the initial 50% and then cancel the order there will be a reasonable deduction for administration charges.
Alternatively, you can pay 100% of the invoice value by return and then we will ship your products as soon as they are ready.

We will start processing your order as soon as we receive your initial payment, it usually takes around 15 working days. We will let you know when they are ready to be shipped.

If there are any circumstances that will affect prompt delivery please rest assured that we will contact you immediately.
After receiving the rest of the payment, we will ship your order and update the delivery information for you.

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